Queen Khizran was the wife of:

A) Kousar

B) Al Mehdi

C) Al Ateeb

D) None of these

Al-Khayzuran bint Atta  was the wife of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mahdi and mother of both Caliphs Al-Hadi and Harun al-Rashid. She ruled  from 775 to 789 during the reign of her husband and sons and is known for her immense influence on state affairs

Geneva Accord was signed between Pakistan and …….?

A) Iran

B) Afghanistan

C) Turkey

D) None of these

It was signed on 14 April 1988 at the Geneva  between Afghanistan and Pakistan to settlement of the situation relating to Afghanistan. United States and the Soviet Union served as guarantors. It was a bilateral agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan on the voluntary return of Afghan refugees and withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

It officially began on 15 May 1988 and ended by 15 February 1989, thus putting an end to a nine-year-long Soviet occupation and Soviet–Afghan War.