Spoken (بولا ہوا) synonym?

A) Vocal

B) Written

C) Aural

D) Unspoken

Close Shave means?

A) Hair’s breadth

B) by the skin of one’s teeth

C) Narrow escape

D) All of these

Circumvent (روکاٹ) means?

A) Hate

B) Seek

C) Avoid

D) Choose


Zenith (عروج) antonym?

A) Pinnacle

B) Nadir

C) Afford

D) Naught

Antonym of Pull the rug from under is?

A) To use influence

B) Abruptly ruin

C) For a loop

D)To knock down

Acumen (چالاک) antonym?

A) Plain; bland; unadorned; austere

B) Ignorance; ineptness; stupidity

C) Noticeable; obvious; conspicuous

D) Bending; flexible; pliable

Patrician (سرپرست) antonym?

a) Common; bourgeois; unrefined; lower-class

B) Boss; superior; chief; leader

C) Authentic; doubtless; real; true

D) Break; separation; division