To bear the brunt (کسی کام کے مشکل ترین یا نقصان دہ حصّے کو قبول کرن) means?

A) Face the task

B) In difficulty

C) Work hard

D) None of these

Husband one’s resources (وسائل ) means?

A) Make peace

B) In difficulty

C) speak plainly

D) Manage the means of other

To pull strings (کسی کو تنگ کرنا) means?

A) To use external influence

B) To tease someone

B) To speed up

D) To prepare for something

To run amuck (پاگلوں کی طرح بھاگنا) means?

A) To run a long race

B) To run about in frenzy

C) To feel exhausted

D) To run slowly

To take with a pinch of salt (شک کے ساتھ) means?

A) To take with some reservation

B) To take with total disbelieve

C) To take whole heartily

D) To take seriously

To face the music ( نتائج بھگتنا ) means?

A) To be offered warm

B) To bear the consequences

C) To be greedy rudely

D) To be on the front seat in concert

To hit the road (سفر شروع کرنا) means?

A) Finish journey

B) Start journey

C) Dismantle a road

D) Repair a road

To have an axe to grind (اپنا مفاد چھپا ہونا ،مطلب ہونا) means?

A) A private or selfish reason for doing

B) To do lot of work with passion

C) To work both sides

D) To grind some food

A grey eminence (پوشیدہ قوت رکھنے والا) means?

A) A cowardly man

B) A brave person fighting from front

C) An aged fellow

D) A person who is very influential but remains in the background

To cry wolf (غلط خوف پيدا کرنا) means?

A) To kill a wolf

B) To turn pale

C) To give false alarm

D) To bear difficulty