To meet one’s Waterloo :(آخری شکست)

A) To die fighting

B) To die with honor

C) To meet one final defeat

D) To meet a strong opponent

To be vacant in upper story ? ( کمزور دماغ)

A) To pass away

B) To make false appearance

C) To indulge in meaningless flights

D) To be feeble minded

To beat the air : (بے سود کوشش کرنا)

A) To move activily

B) To act foolishly

C) To make useless efforts

D) To act Slowly

To give one plenty to rope : (کسی کو مسلسل غلطی کرنے دینا)

A) To dismiss from office

B) To speak ill of

C) To allow a man to continue his mistakes

D) to get into trouble

To be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth :(اچھی قسمت لے کے آنا)

A) To depend on what is going to happen

B) To come into bring

C) To use milk with silver spoon

D) To be born of rich parents


A cock and bull story : ( من گھڑت بات)

A) An unbelievable story

B) A true story

C) A story of legend

D) A story of birds

Flog to death : (لمبی آور بے تکی بات کرنا)

A) Kill a person

B) Severe punishment

C) Talk about at tedious length

D) Fight over

To Flog a dead horse : (فضول کوشش کرنا)

A) To waste one’s effort

B) To revive intrest

C) To act in a foolish manner

D) To beat a horse that is dead

To blaze a trail : (کسی کام کو فوری کرنا)

A) To set on fire

B) To be noisy

C) To blow the trumpt

D) Be the first to do something