Who was the tutor of Prince Akbar?

A) Abdul Rehman

B) Abdul Fazal

C) Bairam Khan

D) Shiekh Mubarak

Bairam Khan (1501–1561) ) was an important military commander of the Mughal army. He entered Babur’s service at the age of 16. He also worked for Humayun and Akbar. Under Humayan he was entrusted the position of muhradr (keeper of the seals) and took part in military campaigns in Benares, Bengal and Gujara. He was also the guardian, chief mentor, adviser, teacher of Mughal king Akbar. Akbar honored him as Khan-i-Khanan, which means “King of Kings”. 

Bairam Khan was a Shia Muslim and was disliked by the Sunni Turkic nobles. Bairam was dismissed by Akbar’s in 1560. He subsequently chose to leave India to perform the hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. During his journey to Mecca, he was killed by  Hazi Khan Mewati of Alwar near Gujrat in 1561.