Which Prophet could talk to the birds?

A) Hazrat lamil A.S

B) Hazrat Yaqub A.S

 C) Hazrat Sulaiman A.S

D) Hazrat Yusuf A.S

Name the Honoured Angelic messenger?

A) Hazrat Jibraeel A.S

B) Hazrat Mekaeel A.S

C) Hazrat Israfeel A.S

D) Hazrat lzraeel A.S

When was Holy Prophet PBUH was born?

A) 570 A.D

B) 572 A.D

C) 571 A.D

D) 573 A.D

Which is First Revealed Surah?

A) Alaq

B) Yaseen

C) Fateha

D) None of the


Which is second pillar of Islam?

A) Tauheed

B) Salat

C) Zakat

D) Saum

Muzdalifa is located between?

A) Mina and Arafat

B) Arafat and Makkah

Cl Muzdalfa and Hliaz

D) Makkah and Medina