The simple Keynesian aggregate supply curve Is:

A) Upward-sloping as real GDP Increases

B) Horizontal at GDP levels below full Employment

C) Based on the concept that all unemployment is voluntary

D) Downward-sloping as real GDP increases.


Hyper-inflation have one cause

A) Excess demand for wage increases by workers

B) Defence spending

C) Excess monetary growth

D) Wage and price control

E) None of these

Hyperinflation commonly occurs when there is a significant rise in money supply. When interest rates fall or taxes decrease and the access to money becomes less restricted, consumers become less sensitive to price changes that is not supported by economic growth.

So the Answer is None of these

The “Invisible hand” refers to

A) Unseen Govt Control of the Economy

B) Intangible goods produced in the Economy

C) The unseen coordination of market economics by the prices-system

D) None of these