To catch a tarter (زیادہ طاقت ور سے لڑ جانا) means?

A) To fight with crowd

B) To catch the dangerous person

C) To fight with strong enemy

D) To meet with trouble

To zero in (نشانے پر لینا) means?

A) Take aim for

B) Get excited

C) Beat

D) none of these

A hot potato ( مشکل صورتحال) means ?

A) A controversial issue or situation which is awkward to deal with

B) To go to eat a potato

C) To escape to help other in difficult

D) None of these

To lose one’s temper ( آپے سے باہر ہوجانا) means ?

A) To get angry

B) To remain calm

C) To beat the person

D) To loose energy

To keep one’s temper(مزاج پر قابو رکھنا) means ?

A) To become hungry

B) To become hungry

C) To remain clam

D) To preserve energy


To make clean breast of (اعتراف کرنا) means ?

A) To gain prominence

B) To praise onself

C) To Confess without of reserve

D) To beat someone

To loose ground (مَقبولیت یا اثَر کھو دینا) means ..?

A) To lose a territory

B) To beat the ground

C) To loose property

D) To grow less popular

The first computer to use stored program concept ..?




D) Mark I

Once in a blue moon ( شاذ و نادر) :

A) Once in a blue monyh

B) Bi-weekly

C) Once and for all

D) On rare occasions

To play off old scores (بدلہ لینا) :

A) To settle a dispute

B) Have one’s revenge

C) To repay the loan

D) To play a big inning