Once in a blue moon ( شاذ و نادر) :

A) Once in a blue monyh

B) Bi-weekly

C) Once and for all

D) On rare occasions

To play off old scores (بدلہ لینا) :

A) To settle a dispute

B) Have one’s revenge

C) To repay the loan

D) To play a big inning

To rub shoulders with ( ساتھ اٹھنا بیٹھنا) :

A) To have troublesome itching

B) To mix with people

C) To establish close contact with

D) To kick against the prick

To go the whole hog (کام پوری طرح انجام دینا) :

A) To accept an offer gleefully

B) To go through rubbish

C) To go to the whole distance

D) To do something thoroughly


To rack one’s brains (ذہین پر زور دینا) :

A) To shake up

B) To work very hard

C) To make great mental efforts

D) To ruminate

Hobson’s choice (ایک ہی پیش کردہ چیز کو قبول کرنے یا نہ کرنے کا اختیار) means?

A) To choice his own wish

B) Marvelous choice

C) No choice at all

D) Excited choice