To catch a tarter (زیادہ طاقت ور سے لڑ جانا) means?

A) To fight with crowd

B) To catch the dangerous person

C) To fight with strong enemy

D) To meet with trouble

To zero in (نشانے پر لینا) means?

A) Take aim for

B) Get excited

C) Beat

D) none of these

To end in smoke (تباہ ہو جانا ) means?

A) To smoke excitely

B) To overcome someone

C) To excite great

D) To ruin oneself

A dark horse (چھپا رستم) means?

A) An unexpected winner

B) A beautiful horse

C) A lucky horse

D) None of these

To give some the cold shoulder (کسی کوجان بوجھ کر نظر انداز کر دینا) means ?

A) To support

B) To hit the shoulder with stick

C) To ignore deliberately

D) None of these

A hot potato ( مشکل صورتحال) means ?

A) A controversial issue or situation which is awkward to deal with

B) To go to eat a potato

C) To escape to help other in difficult

D) None of these

To lose one’s temper ( آپے سے باہر ہوجانا) means ?

A) To get angry

B) To remain calm

C) To beat the person

D) To loose energy