The width of a rectangle is twice the size of its length The length is increased by 30% and width is increased by 20%, what will be the percentage change in the area of rectangle?

A) 4.51

B) 3.87

C) 5.11

D) None of these

Letthe length of rectangle as x and width as y.

y = 2x Area = xy = 2*square of x

Length increased by 30. I presume it is % increase. New X = 1.3x

Width increased by 20%. New Y= 1.2 y = 1.2*2x = 2.4x

Area of the new rectangle = XY = 1.3x * 2.4x = 3.12 * square of x

New rectangle/ old rectangle = 3.12/2.0 = 1.56

New rectangle is 56% bigger than the original rectangle in terms of area.