The old name of Charsadda was ..?

A) Kidar

B) Pushkalavati

C) Gandhara

D) Taxila

Acoustics is study of …..?

A) Science of waves

B) Science of sound

C) Science of light

D) Science of radiography

Epidemiology is the study of…..?

A) Dermis diseases

B) Epidemic diseases

C) epidermis diseases

D) None of these

Entomology is the …..?

A) Study of bones

B) Study of birds

C) Study of insects

D) Study of mammals


Ornithology is the study of ..?

A) Bones

B) Coins

C) Cancer

D) Birds

Eugenics is the branch of science which deals with ..?

A) Alternating human beings by changing their genetic component

B) People of European region

C) Different races of mankind

D) Genetics of animals

Numismatics is the study of …..?

A) Coins

B) Numbers

C) Stamps

D) Space