To lose one’s temper ( آپے سے باہر ہوجانا) means ?

A) To get angry

B) To remain calm

C) To beat the person

D) To loose energy

To keep one’s temper(مزاج پر قابو رکھنا) means ?

A) To become hungry

B) To become hungry

C) To remain clam

D) To preserve energy

To make clean breast of (اعتراف کرنا) means ?

A) To gain prominence

B) To praise onself

C) To Confess without of reserve

D) To beat someone

To loose ground (مَقبولیت یا اثَر کھو دینا) means ..?

A) To lose a territory

B) To beat the ground

C) To loose property

D) To grow less popular