To grin and bear it (تکلیف کو ہنسی خوشی برداشت کرنا) means?

A) To show contempt

B) To bear the consequences

C) To hate from other

D) To accept unpleasant without complaining

Over head and ears (پوری طر ح سے) means?

A) Over one’s head

B) Partially

C) Fruitlessly

D) Completely

To drive home (زور دینا) means?

A) To return home

B) To emphasis

C) Return to the rest place

D) None of these

To catch a tarter (زیادہ طاقت ور سے لڑ جانا) means?

A) To fight with crowd

B) To catch the dangerous person

C) To fight with strong enemy

D) To meet with trouble

To zero in (نشانے پر لینا) means?

A) Take aim for

B) Get excited

C) Beat

D) none of these