SMEDA is one of the pioneer in the field of?

A) Manufacturing goods

B) International trade

C) Micro finance

D) Marketing of goods

Economic growth is said to be …..?

A) Subjective approach

B) Objective approach

C) Quantitative approach

D) Qualitative approach


Sales taxes are generally considered to be?

A) Proportional taxes

B) Progressive taxes

C) Regressive taxes

D) Indirect taxes

Prices tend to be inflated during war time because?

A) There is competition for fully employed resources

B) Guns cost more than butter

C) The consumer price index calculated differently in war time

D) Fewer people are living on fixed incomes

International trade agreements by cartels?

A) Exert monopolistic of influence

B) Generally happen in industries, with limited supply

C) Lead to price deregulate

D) None of these

A linear homogeneous production function would reveal?

A) Decreasing return to scale

B) Increasing returns to scale

C) Constant returns to scale

D) An increasing marginal product

Which of the following would cause demand pull inflation?

A) An increase in aggregate demand, with shortages of supply

B) Increases in production costs

C) Disproportionately high payments to the factors of production

D) Monopolistic labour markets