The chemical name of table salt is?

A) Potassium chloride

B) Sodium chloride

(C) Oxygen

D) Sodium phosphate  

Deficiency of vitamin A causes?

A) Loss of appetite

B) Night blindness

C) Thought infection

D) Both A and B

Who invented the telephone?

A) Samuel F.B. Morse

B) Alexander Graham Bell

C) Thomas Savery

D) Karl Benz


Light year is a unit of?

A) Light

B) Energy

C) Gas

D) Distance

Another name of Vitamin C is?

A) Ascorbic Acid

B) Carbohydrates

C) Riboflavin

D) Enzymes

Study of plants is called?

A) Botany

B) Entomology

C) Biology

D) Anthropology